Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 1 Saptember 2020

Agga Bai SasubaiToday Episode 1 Saptember 2020, We will tell Asavari about Abhijit about Soham. She wants Soham to complete her education, but does not know how to explain it.

Abhijeet says that he will try to convince Soham but needs to befriend him first. He then asks Soham to watch a match with him on TV.

However, Soham gets frustrated when he puts on a cricket match instead of football. Later, Nikhil comes to the door taking everyone by surprise.

Soham is enraged upon seeing her and asks Shubhra (Tejashree Pradhan) to leave Nikhil. However, Abhijeet welcomes Nikhil and takes him inside his room for an important discussion.

An upset Soham leaves the house and goes to Pragya for advice. The latter asks her to go back home on Abhijeet and Nikhil’s conversation.

She reminds him that Abhijeet may have a scheme for Nikhil, which Soham may not remember if he is not around. After a while, Soham tries to spy Abhijeet and Nikhil but is told to leave him alone. He wonders what Abhijeet is planning behind closed doors.

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