Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 11 August 2020 Episode Link Below

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 11 August 2020, Soham emptied Abhijeet’s cupboard and gave it to a new hired servant. After Soham left, the servant touched Abhijeet’s feet and apologized to him.

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode

Abhijeet tells him to relax and nothing to worry about. At lunch time, it takes servant Soham 10 minutes to serve his meal. In return, Soham punishes him in such a way that he will not get food all day.

Asavari felt sorry for the servant and asked him to dine with them. The frightened servant rejects him and tells him that he will be angry when he sees Soham eating.

Hopefully told him not to worry and she is Soham’s mother, she will take care of him. The servant took the dinner plate and sat down on the floor to eat. Asavari asked him to sit at the table but he refused so Abhijeet, Shubhra and Ashavari all sat on the floor with him for dinner.

Speaking to a friend in the evening, he said that he was not sure how long he would stay at his mother-in-law’s house. Abhijeet tried to convince her that he would not leave her. Soham called the servant to his room, while he was calling, a protein shake slipped from the job’s hand and Soham got angry at him. Asavari, on the other hand, enters Soham’s room to confront him about his pajamas. Looking at her, Soham taught him that he could use his mother to persuade his neighbors to invest in his business.

He told the servant to clean the floor and help Asavari. She said she didn’t know much about her business and wanted to talk about money. Soham tells her to hurry up and promises to do whatever she wants and he will explain his business to her. Asavari was happy and asked her to give her 10 minutes to complete the housework.

On her way to her neighbour’s house, Asavari found Soham’s business bent and he was reluctant to ask for money. But Soham tells her to believe him and she rings her neighbor’s bell. The hopeful failed to explain Suham’s business to Sulabh Kaki. Soham interrupted their conversation, explaining that his business allows him to double his investors ’money. Sulbha gave him Rs. 25,000 Asavari fears that Soham will lose all his money.

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