Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 13 March 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 13 March 2020, In the previous episode of the show, we saw how Soham became angry with Aswari slapping him for disrespecting Shubhra. After Soham’s disappearance, Shubhra packed his bags and Abhijeet promised her to stay back and he promised to make things better.

Meanwhile, Aswari blames herself for her disappearance and begins to draw back on the moments she spent together in her childhood. Abhijit goes to search for Soham and bring him home but no further address can be found.

In today’s episode, we see Aswari trying to hurt herself because she feels guilty for beating Soham. She tries to burn her palm on a stove, but Abhijit saves her and Shubra puts her hand under the tap.

Since Abhijeet needed to force her to bring Soham home, the foolish tactics told her to stop. Shubhra tells her thoughts in a matter of seconds but Aswari keeps on asking her son how he can do this. Meanwhile, Pragya realizes that Soham has been hiding at his friend’s house and visits him there. Upon arriving, she learned that Soham and his friend were both hunters and asked Pragya to leave him at home. But the latter reminds him of how the people treated him and tells him to be a little proud. She even gave some money to her friend to feed Soham. Soham’s friend says his (Soham’s) family is calling him but Pragya tells the latter to keep the place secret.

Shubhra rubs Aswari’s burns. Abhijeet rejects the latter’s behavior and tells her that she has to be careful before thinking about harming herself because she has people who love her. On the other hand, Pragya manipulates Sohum by asking Shuhara to apologize, and then he must return home. Soham’s friend tells Abhijit that he is in his apartment. Abhijeet and Aswari come and tell Soham to come back but the latter refuses to go with them.

Aswari demands Soham to apologize to Shubham. He tells his mother that the wife should set aside the ego and touch his feet to apologize and then he should return home. Abhijit and Ashawari refused to accept the demand, and Sohm drove them out of the apartment. While Sohm’s friend appreciates his acting skills, Soham tells him that Shubhra will definitely pay attention to his demands.

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