Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 14 March 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 14 March 2020, In tonight’s episode, we see Abhijeet Aswari telling that if Soham is not in the mood to listen to him, he should speak to Shubhra. Aswari agrees to do so and asks Abhijeet to take care of Soham when she goes to talk to Shubhra.

Meanwhile, Shubh Sohram is worried. Shortly, Shubra told Aswari that she should feel at home with Soham. She explains that the moment when Soham abused her she felt like we were losing everything.

Subra then admitted to Aswari that she was enabled to see Aswari standing up for her. That is why she will do anything for her. She happily agrees to apologize to Sohm if Aswari tells her.

Soham, on the other hand, tells Abhijit that he knows what kind of shubhra he is. He feels that the white will not apologize to him only when he is full of ego. Abhijeet says she won’t do anything like that. Soham says he doesn’t want to waste his time climbing up. He wants Shubhra to step down and apologize to everyone.

Later, Pragya took Soham’s side in front of her neighbors. Prabhanya tells Shejafor how Shubhra is being asked to forgive Soham for her mistakes. Neighbors disagree and say they think Soham should be missed. Pranya says that Soham endured all of this and so he was forced to take his anger out on the aura. She then told her neighbors to stay away from the avalanche. After a while, Shubhra welcomes Soham again and refuses to apologize. Soham looks at him in complete disbelief while everyone around him laughs at him.

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