Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 16 March 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 16 March 2020, In today’s episode, we ask Shubh Soham whether she should just apologize to her or brief her grief. Pragya tells Soham to choose another option, and then Shubra tells of all the events that have happened before.

Everyone assembled to watch the play sneaks into the gloomy state of Soham. Shubhur reveals everything that Soham has done to her and ironically say she is sorry.

Pragya tried to take Soham’s side and told Shubhra to stop the play, but the latter was silent with humorous speech.

After Soham got home, Aswari tried to talk to him a little but the latter treated his mother harshly and told her to pick up his shoes. Shubhra stops Aswari and works himself. Abhijit shows off Soham’s arrogant behavior. Abhijit then decided to leave his house and Aswari gave him a tiffin. Abhijeet tells her that he is a chef and he can cook for himself. But Aswari tells her that she loves doing the little things that she cares about in her family. Abhijit and Aswari look into each other’s eyes and feel their love for each other.

Meanwhile, Sohrab decides to repay her ego, and he tells her to sleep on the couch. Shubhra confesses her feelings to Abhijeet and says that she is having a hard time dealing with Soham. Abhijeet tells her that he will handle everything. On the other hand, Shubhra and Soham’s perch continues the next day. The latter seems to scoff at Soham for being lazy and not giving him a cup of tea made by Asari. Trying to solve the fight by asking Shubham to look into some of the other tasks, Soham appeared to complain to Aswari. Aswari prayed to God and asked everyone to live in peace together in the family and to return with joy.

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