Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 17 March 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 17 March 2020, Abhijeet walks into Kulkarni’s house with his suit and everyone is shocked to see him. Shubhra received his warm welcome and placed his bags in the Asari room.

Soham is offended by Atari’s decision, while Aswari is shocked and can’t think of what to do for her husband. She tells him that the house is dirty because she’s busy paying attention to Soham. But Abhijit tells her that he is at her house because he missed her.

He goes on to say that he had been alone all these years ago, but now she has grown accustomed to being present, and that makes it impossible for her to be alone.

She thinks that Abhijeet is doing some bad things as the earlier saree is stuck in the bed hollow. Abhijeet says that he has done nothing and both of them laugh when his sari is stuck.

Meanwhile, Soham has complained of severe stomach ache and Aswari tries everything in her power to fix her ‘illness’. Abhijeet and Shubhra know this is a mess and they plan. While going to the kitchen to bring a hot water bag to Aswari kitchen, Soham’s pain can be alleviated, Abhijeet loudly tells Shubhra that it is something serious. He tells her that he has an herbal concoction that will help Soham recover within an hour. The latter listens to their conversation. Shubhra tells Abhijit that maybe Soham is doing all this and he gets angry when he hears this.

Abhijeet and Shubhra decide to make Soham a bitter-tasting herbal drink, and Aswari urges her son to drink at the same time. Soham is then asked to fast throughout the day. All having fun and eating delicious food, he has come to rest. But later that night, Soham heads outside the room and searches for everyone. Once he realizes that everyone is asleep, he tries to eat the food stored in the fridge. Aswari, Abhijeet and Shubhra found him doing this and caught him with a red hand! Everyone scolds him for eating cold.

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