Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 18 March 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 18 March 2020, Soham tries to lock her from her bedroom and return to Shubhra. Shubhra tries to talk to Soham but the latter refuses to listen. Shubra then decides to deal with him and in the meantime lie down on the couch. Abhijit walked into the kitchen for a glass of night and fell asleep on a white bed. He asks her why she is in the living room, and she tells him the whole incident.

Abhijit speaks to Shubhra and explains to him the rule of the universe. He tells her that whatever comes to them, they should pay it back. He tells her that it can be love, respect or disrespect, they should give everything equally.

Shubhra understood what you were trying to say and determined to teach Soham a lesson in disrespecting her. Aswari walks into the living area in search of Abhijit. She summarizes her and Shubra’s conversation and tries to calm the latter.

Aswari and Abhijeet tell Shubhra to sleep in their bedroom and the latter quietly calm down. Abhijeet also tells Aswari to sleep and says that he sleeps with Soham. He reaches the next room and begins to bother him. He smokes in Soham’s room, explaining the reason for the mosquito’s presence, and upon seeing this, Soham hates smoking, so he is upset and allergic to it. After a while, he tries to sleep but Abhijit takes up plenty of space on the bed. The next day, Abhijit uses a strange voice clip to wake Soham. He tells Soham that he should go for a walk since he is playing games on most phones.

Meanwhile, Shubra decides to break the lock on her bedroom door and Soham asks her why she is busy doing such a normal job. Shubhra tells him that the door won’t be locked until now. Soham arrogantly replies that he can close the lock again, but Shubhra warned that if it did, it would shut the door completely.

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