Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 19 August 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 19 August 2020, Pragya and Soham are talking and she is happy about Soham getting Abhi’s kitchen key. She asks Soham when they are leaving for the restaurant the next day. When Soham asks her if she is coming along too, she tells him that it is not possible that she will not be there for him and says that she will help him in work.

The next morning, Asawari sees an advertisement saying ‘Abhi’s kitchen is now Babita’s kitchen’. While Abhijeet seems unbearable, Shubhra questions Soham about this. He tells her that he wants to make it on his own and does not use the name ‘Abhi Ki Rasoi’ for his success. He further explains to her that he is ready to work hard and does not want to cheat.

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode

In an attempt to excuse Asavari, he tells her that he used the name ‘Baddi’ so that his blessings will be with him. When Shubhra says that she should have talked to Abhijeet before taking such a big decision, Abhijeet stands in support of Soham. He says that Soham will accept all decisions made for that day as he will be running ‘Baddi’s kitchen’ for the entire day. They all leave him destiny and Soham.

Maddy and Faith kicked out when some workers replaced the restaurant board. Soham comes in and explains to them that they are just doing their job and scolds Maddie for not addressing her as ‘boss’. Further speaking to all employees, he tells them that time is of great importance and that the customer should place water and menu cards on his desk in 10secs. He says they should serve their meal within 3.5 minutes of ordering. Soham then selects a few dishes from the menu and orders the staff to cook heavily and drill the mock.

Pragya trains the waiters and puts them on the timer to check if they will get the water and menu card in 10 seconds. Soham orders Maddy to welcome everyone by saying ‘Welcome to Babadia Kitchen’, but she keeps mispronouncing the name. Soham then asks if everyone is ready and starts the countdown to open the restaurant.

However, when Maddy opened the door, no one showed up. Later, a beggar appears asking for food. When Maddy asks a waiter to serve her water, Soham gets mad at her and tells Pragya to throw her out. Maddy then tells the person to come back but Soham scolds her again.

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