Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 19 July 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 19 July 2020,Pragya saw a big car approaching the gate and saw Shubhra coming out of it. She then asks Soham if he knows whose car it is. Meanwhile, Shubra is seen asking her colleague to come upstairs and meet her family. On the other hand, Pragya told Soham that Shubhra has made herself a stepmother.

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In the latest episode of Agabai Sasubai we see Asavari appreciating being tough with Abhijeet and Shubhra Soham. Aswari, on the other hand, says Soham has not eaten anything since morning and goes to make him a meal. After a while, Soham pretends to be emotional before Asavari. Since her marriage to Abhijeet, Asavari has stopped taking care of her, she says. Sohma then threatened to kill herself while Shubhra looked at him with contempt. Asavari tells him to stop and stops him from thinking of taking his own life.

Later, Asavari realizes that Shubhra is preparing to go to the office and has got up to have breakfast for her. However, Soham, who was sleeping on her lap, did not let that happen to her. To wake him up, Shubhra announces that Soham’s friend is waiting for him outside. Soham got up immediately and went out. He gets irritated when he finds out that Shubhra has cheated on him. They then get into an argument and Asavari is forced to mediate. After a while, Asavari prayed to God and expected a good return from Soham so that the quarrel between him and Shubhra would end.

After a while Asavari calls Shubra and tells her that Soham is coming to pick her up from the office. She further revealed that he was going to take Shubhra out. Asavari then called Soham and asked Shubhra to apologize. Soham hung up the call and said sorry even though there was no one on the other side.

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