Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 19 March 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 19 March 2020, Abhijeet forces Soham to go out with him. He challenges Soham and tells him that he often shows up playing games on his phone, and instead has to push and start exercising. Aswari loves Abhijit’s idea and tells Soham to go because it will cure his stomach ailment.

Later, while Abhijit and Soham are preparing to move out, Shubhra criticizes his later run skills and asks Aswari to make a video of himself.

Abhijeet and Soham reach the playground and he tells them that they should have a race. However, Abhijeet stays behind since the race started and Soham is forced to finish the track, thinking he is competing earlier.

Pragya and some other women are present there and they ask Abhijit what he is doing. Abhijeet takes pride in Soham’s running ability and tells him that the latter can complete the lap in three minutes. Everyone is in awe of Soham.

With Abhijeet bragging, Soham had to miss another. Later, Abhijit behaves snarky and tells him that his mother didn’t make the video he asked. As a result, Soham has agreed to run once more. After that, they both return home and Soham is buried in the core. He tells Aswari that he has been hurt and needs medication. Shubhra makes fun of him and says that the reason is that he is not in the habit of exercising. He suggests some ways for Soham to stay fit and said that he should complete Asari’s homework.

Later, Pragya walks into their house and Asari asks Asari about how long he will stay in his house. She tells them that Abhijeet has said that he will stay here forever. Soham dismisses Pragya and asks Aswari if the rumors that she was doing the rounds again are true and Abhijeet will really be with her forever. Aswari goes to ask Abhijeet about it and he says that as long as the wife is there he will stay in their place.

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