Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 2 Saptember 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 2 Saptember 2020, We will see how Abhijeet tried to understand Soham and what was the plan for his evil mind. In the sequel, we’ll see a changed Soham.

Abhijeet is molested by Pragya to sell her hotel. He tries to be an ideal husband and son.

He even tries to serve her breakfast in Abhijeet’s good books. Shubhra tells Abhijeet that Soham is trying his best to impress her.


But Abhijeet gets Nikhil’s call and asks him to meet her in Abhi’s kitchen. Soham gets worried that Nikhil can make a deal to sell the restaurant with Abhijeet before he can make an offer.

But Pragya tells him to beg or become Abhijeet’s slave so that they can get a deal. Soham obeys his orders and goes to meet Abhijeet in the restaurant.

He learns that Nikhil did not get the deal and emotionally manipulated Abhijeet to make a commercial pact with him.

Abhijeet agrees to sell his hotel and invest money in Soham’s business. But when Soham tells Asavari, she is scared and questions Abhijeet’s holiness. He says that he can do anything for his son.

Soham is very happy and meets Pragya and tells her all this. Meanwhile, Abhijeet knows that Soham has made plans for all this and tries to indulge him a bit to make him feel that he is being fooled.

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