Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 20 August 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 20 August 2020, After an unsuccessful attempt at managing Soham’s  Abhijeet restaurant, Shubhra decides to pay off his losses. On the other hand, Soham is also pretending to be forgiving for all the troubles. He says that he is ready to work in Abhi’s kitchen to help him recover from the loss.

Abhijeet revealed that Soham has not felt the loss since he first gained experience in managing the restaurant. Even though Soham was responsible for the loss, he also had no signs of remorse. Without any guilt, he saw Asavari withdrawing money from her purse. However, Soham did not realize that Abhijeet caught him red-handed in the act.

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode

We will see Abhijeet planning to act like Soham so that Asavari knows how she is spoiling her babiya. Shubhra found the idea interesting and agreed to support Abhijeet.

After a while, Abhijeet gets nervous with Abhijeet’s behavior, who starts tantrums at home. However, Asavari fails to notice that Abhijeet is acting like Soham.

Shubhra says that Asavari has gotten used to Soham’s tantrums and asks Abhijeet to take it to a level. Later, Asavari is caught in a dilemma, even as Soham demands to divert attention from her.

After a while, Shubhra reminds Asavari that he still has not accepted Abhijeet in the house. Asavari agrees and says that they have actually acquired Abhijeet.

Later, Abhijeet sees Asavari calling Sauri, who is fast asleep. He points out that he has rudely treated Asavari only to replace Soham for good.

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