Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 20 March 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 20 March 2020, Abhijeet is surrounded by women in the community and everyone asks him if he is well or he needs some help. Abhijeet lives in Aswari these days, so he wonders if everything is okay.

Later, when Soham and Abhijit arrive at the house, Aswari questions the next lady why he chose to listen to all the wives’ jibes. She asked him why he confirmed their suspicions that you were a House husband.

Abhijeet said that although the women have lost their homes, restaurants, and feel that they have a lot of debt left to pay, none of these statements are virtually correct and therefore it does not matter.

Abhijeet further said that having a husband and wife is not a disgrace and it needs to change in the society. Ashawari said that society is important to her and she wants Abhijeet to return home.

But the latter refuses to do so. Later, the upset Aswari baths in the bathroom, refuses to give Abhijit a towel and asks her to accept her order back home. He threatens her that if she doesn’t stop, he’ll go out without a towel. Aswari panicked and handed him the towel.

Soham, on the other hand, devises a new plan and asks Pragya to help him. She agrees but asks for an ice cream treat in return. Soham agrees. He then talks to Aswari and says that he was ashamed to laugh at the women of his family. He also mentioned that he was no longer able to cope with people. It’s sad. Meanwhile, the women of the society rush to their home and ask them to join Abhijeet’s cooking class. Aswari is losing hers and seems to be giving women a lot of pleasure. She does not like to treat her new husband, but she does show her proof. He looked at the board displaying information about the cooking classes in Abhijeet’s community. Abhijeet also confirmed this and said that he would be taking the class.

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