Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 21 July 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 21 July 2020, We wonder how Asavari can say such things to Soham Shubhra. She announced that she would ask Soham about it once she got home. Asavari then admits that she never taught Soham to disrespect women. Shubhra gets up to leave, but again Asavari stops him, saying that Soham will repent for his actions and apologize to Shubhra. Shubra, on the other hand, feels that Soham has changed and is not caring about anyone on her own. Abhijeet later confessed that he would not let Shubhra suffer and told her to stay. He then set out in search of Soham.

After a while, Abhijeet reached Pragya’s house in search of Soham. Soham, on the other hand, refused to return, saying he was already distracted. Asavari then scolded Soham for disrespecting Shubhra and ordered him to apologize. However, Soham tells her that the mistake is white. He goes on to say that Shubhra has forgotten that he is married. Soham does not apologize and goes inside the house.

Shubhra later says that Soham doesn’t care if she stays. She then declares that she has no reason to stay and turns back to leave. Asavari stops her and tells her to stay for the benefit of her mother-in-law. He then reminded Shubhra of the big bond between them. Asavari says that she will try to change Soham’s attitude and Shubhra asks her to support him.

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