Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 21 March 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 21 March 2020, We see that Asari is angry and humiliated by the criticism of women in the community. She told Abhijit to leave because she did not like women who made derogatory statements about her husband. She tells him that it is part of her self-esteem and she will not let it flow.

Abhijeet tries to say to her that she does not feel bad about being called Housewife of Aswari and she likes it when people associate her name with the Kulkarni family. He says that this would make him feel like he was part of a smaller entity.

Later, on her way home from the Aswari grocery store, some women in the community stop her and ask her to talk a little, but Aswari is not talking to them.

She asks him if she’s angry and apologizes to her. Meanwhile, Abhijeet arrives and takes her groceries. Aswari does not ask him to do this because it makes women think that he has no work at home. But Abhijeet does not listen to her stupid fears. Instead he goes home to cook dishes for the family and everyone indulges in snacks before meals.

At night Abhijeet and Aswari are having a bit of a quarrel because they are angry about calling themselves the housemates. Later, Abhijeet goes to Soham’s room with his bags and calls himself a roommate. Sohum is upset with Abhijeet’s decision, as he thinks the latter is interfering with his life. Abhijit then looks at Aswari’s room and places a beautiful set of purple on her feet. But that voice raises Shubra and she shouts. Abhijeet, however, hides the situation and saves the situation.

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