Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 22 July 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 22 July 2020, When we saw Shubhra  surprised, we noticed that Asavari took all her clothes out of her bag and put them neatly in her cupboard. Shubhavari does this so that she doesn’t feel like she’s gone when she sees her packed bag. She then told Shubhra not to worry as she would soon see a change in Soham. After a while, Asavari woke Soham and asked him to finish the morning chores. Shubhra then reminded her that if they wanted to change Soham in ten days, Asavari should stop spoiling it. She asked Asavari to let Soham do things herself instead. However, Asavari refused to listen to her and continued to pamper him.

Then Shubhra pretends to act like Aswari before Soham. Soham, on the other hand, decided to teach her a lesson and ordered her to make three dishes for breakfast. After a while Shubhra tries to give him breakfast but Soham refuses to eat. He then feeds Asavari while he is playing a game on the phone. Later, while preparing to leave the house, Shubhra helps Soham with his slippers. Soham then asks Asavari to give him some money. Shubhra then tells him to stop and goes inside to get the money.

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