Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 23 March 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 23 March 2020, We see how Abhijit tries to have a conversation with Aswari, but the latter says that she is still angry and will not talk to her. Shubhra showed this sweet banner to the audience in the couple. Abhijeet says that Aswari will start talking, once she puts another foot on her leg.

The latter challenges him to accept it. Aswari says she can first step on her leg while she is asleep, but now, she won’t let him keep her second. Seeing all of this, Soham was irritated and asked Asari to bring him tea.

Later, Abhijit can be seen peeking into the kitchen while descending, as he wants to tie the knot around Asari’s ankle. But Aswari looks at him and shouts.

Both of them are scared and Abhijeet is missing the opportunity to meet his challenge. Later, Asari stands on a stool to put the washed clothes on the clothing line. Abhijeet uses this opportunity to deceive her. He goes to her and tells her not to move, because it will make her fall. He then brings the anklet and binds it to her feet. Aswari is ashamed and Abhijeet asks her if her anger has now subsided. Aswari responds smiling.

Then she sends him the groceries. On the way, Abhijit asks everyone if he wants anything and Sulabha Kaku asks her to bring fenugreek seeds, while the donor vessel demands strawberries and the lele vessel asks him to pick black grapes. Upon returning home, Aswari asks Abhijit for a cushion. She says she is in a hurry while the pulses are boiling. But Abhijit takes her saree and presents it. However, Aswari dismissed it and demanded cilantro. Abhijeet empties the shopping bag and puts down everything ordered by others to make sure the bag is forgotten! He looks sheepishly at Aswari.

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