Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 25 February 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 25 February 2020,We will see Pragya want to burn Soham. Shubhra asks her if she has any burns. Pragya revealed that she has found the jar specifically for Soham.

Shubhra is made by Sodom. Sodom says he doesn’t want to be kicked.

She forcefully kicked him and asked Soham to think twice before opening his mouth to the outside. Then Shubhra looks at him with contempt.

We saw the groom in amazement at their home. Aswari enters their home, Soham gets up and welcomes her. Subra then asks Aswari why she has run away without knowing it. After a while, Grandpa orders Shubhra to take care of Asari and treat her well. Shubhra agrees to do so. Abhijeet, on the other hand, is not capable of sleeping because he cannot stop thinking about Aswari. He says his dreams have gotten sweeter in later life. Meanwhile, Sohram has a quarrel with Auburn. The latter asks if Soham is doing this to gain sympathy. Saying that, Soham heads to Shubhra and falls asleep outside. He then calls Pragya to check if she is asleep. Pragya tells her that she doesn’t have you and asks her to come home to cool with you. Sohm stopped the call and realized that Ajoja had a cough.

Shortly afterwards, Sohm went inside to check on the stranger. The latter asks him why he is not asleep yet. Soham lied to him, saying that he just woke up to find him. Grandma tells him to sleep. While Aswari looks at them, Soham pretends to care about Strange. Later, Soham says that he had been sleeping in the hall for the last few days to care for the stranger. Shortly afterwards, Ajiba appeared in conversation with Abhijeet in a video call. He saw Abhijit eating the bread for breakfast and he asked Aswari to speak at the house later for breakfast. He then handed over the phone to Aswari, who instructed Abhijit to do household chores while he was away. On the other hand, the grandfather asks Abhijit to come home and meet him. Pragya later changed Aswari’s mind that Shubra allowed Ajay to go to the old home. Shubhra realized that she had told someone the truth about her. She sees both Soham and Pragya as suspicious.

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