Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 25 March 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 25 March 2020, We see Soham and Shubhra wish Abhijit-Aswari on their two-month wedding anniversary. Abhijit is wearing a sari wearing her sari.

They all talked to Abhijeet Soham and Shubhra about the sacred bond of shared love and how they should take care of it.

Soham interrupts him and shows him and Aswari the gifts he bought for them on their anniversary.

Aswari and Abhijeet are pleased with these gifts and they happily wrap them up. Aswari finds a set of bangles in a box and he happily tells Soham that she likes them. While Abhijit wraps his gift, he finds bangles in his box too. Everyone including Shuhra and Ashawari is surprised as Soham asks Abhijeet whether you like this gift. The latter happily accepts it and says that his wife will use it and that anything he owns is the property of his wife. After that, Aswari and Abhijit left for lunch.

The next day, Abhijit woke Sohum and he was on his way. When they return home, Soham can be seen lying on the couch as Aswari removes his shoes and tries to comfort him as the latter complains of tiredness. At that moment the bell rang and Abhijeet opened the door. Everyone was surprised to see Shubhra’s parents! Abhijeet praises her father for being such a great husband.

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