Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 26 February 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 26 February 2020, We will see Aswari receiving the parcel. The parcel has a built-in shoe that contains a handwritten note. Soham took the letter from her as Aswari tried to read it.

It is written by Abhijeet. Hopefully ashamed and begging Soham not to read the letter aloud. Soham ignores her and keeps reading Abhijeet’s love letter to her.

Hopefully tells Soham to stop reading the letter. On the other hand, one jealous Sohm beat Aswari by saying that Abhishek should take a romance class instead of managing a hotel.

Ajoja is trying to get wisdom. Wisdom tells a good man to bring a hammer to break a ladder. The latter says that Ajoko could not eat Ladu just because he was old. She then tries to break a toothpick, but to no avail. Shubhra asks who she got the second pot for. Pragya revealed that she had found it especially for Soham. After a while, Aswari asks if Shubhra needs help in the kitchen. Shubhra, on the other hand, tells her to relax because she doesn’t need help. Aswari, however, tries to help Shubhra by doing something. Meanwhile, the door bell rang and Abhijeet entered. Abhijeet said that he had come to see him. Grandpa then asks Soham to take a glass of water. After the latter is gone, the grandfather tries to confess something to Abhijeet. The subject changed when I noticed Ajmal returning to Soham. The latter realizes that something is strange and is far from them. The grandfather then asks Abhijit to seek a lawyer to make his last wish. Soham sees them from afar.

Then Abhijeet helps Ajaw at the dinner table. Shubhra and Aswari were pleasantly surprised to see Abhijeet. After that they had breakfast together. Shortly, Shubra convinced Aswari that her parents’ style was wrong. Aswari realized she was wrong. Meanwhile, the grandfather asks Abhijit some questions about the property he wants to give him. Abhijeet tells Ajawa that he has to ask a lawyer. The latter departs for a walk. After a while, Abhijit bounces with Aswari while he is making dinner in the kitchen. He then gives her an eagle gift and confesses that we miss her.

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