Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 26 March 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 26 March 2020, Soham tries to ask Shubhra why her parents are visiting. He asked her if she was being abused, and left her hungry or beaten. Shubhra replied that if Soham did nothing then why was he afraid?

Soham can be overwhelmed by anxiety and talking about past events. Shubhra tells him that if you think he is right then he should not scare her parents. Soham says she’s okay and plays the victim card, saying that no one in the house is trying to understand him.

Shubhra tingles her by saying that her neighbors understand too much to do her wishes and asks if Soham has told her about wisdom.

Meanwhile, Shubhra’s parents tell Aswari and Abhijeet that they are proud of their daughter. He further said that for the past few months, Shubhra has been managing the house, finances and operations alone. They feel that their daughter is very responsible and that is why she has suffered. Abhijeet tells them that they should ask Soham and Shubhra about their decisions and then conclude accordingly. Soham is very scared and has not met Shubhra’s father’s eyes. He asks Soham about his career and Soham tells him that you want to start his business and need time for it. Shubhra’s father asks him more and asks about finances, office space and paperwork. He demands to see it all, but Soham tells him that it’s confidential and he can’t leak information.

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