Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 27 February 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 27 February 2020, We’ll see Shubhra convincing Aswari. Then Soham came out in a hurry to drop his favorite blanket given by his mother, Aswari.

The latter asks him why he threw it away. Soham reveals that he is doing so because he is now married to Abhijeet so she does not consider Aswari his mother anymore.

Soham tells Shubhra to make a doormat out of a blanket because it doesn’t make any sense to him anymore.

Abhijeet’s face looks on with a furious sobham closing the door. The latter are sad because he didn’t even get a message from Aswari. While Abhijit is still standing outside, Shubhra asks Soham why he closed the door. Sohm says the latter has already left. After a while, Shubhra asked Ajaba to take his medicines. The latter reveals that even Asauri is sometimes forgotten. Shubhra asks him why Ajiba took his side and spoke to Aswari rudely. Grandma tells her not to worry, and for the first time after their wedding, they ask her to get ready for Aswari’s event. Just then, the door bell rang, and Soham got up to open it. He announces that there is a mother and a parcel has been addressed to her mother. The latter goes to pick up the parcel and signs it with her maiden name. Sohame asks her if she is ashamed when Abhijit’s wife is called. Aswari thinks Soham is saying baseless things.

After a while, Aswari opens a parcel to add just the earrings. Shubhra noticed that she had also received a handwritten note with the parcel. Soham takes a note from Aswari and reads aloud. It is written by Abhijeet. Aswari was embarrassed and told Soham not to read this voice aloud. Soham, however, is reading this letter. Shortly after, Shubhra explained to Soham that Aswari’s parents had abused him. Soham thinks he has a lot of stupidity and he goes out of the room. Later, Asari’s neighbors meet at the Haldi-Kunku ceremony at Sowm. Neighbors admire Aswari for her bangles, mangalsutra and earrings. He was chosen by Abhijit. This made Sohm jealous. Tried to create a scene as the ceremony progressed. At the ceremony, he asks Aswari to bring him a glass of milk and insults Aswari in front of the guests.

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