Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 28 February 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 28 February 2020, Abhijeet asks Aswari what gifts she wants. Aswari has no idea about the appointment Abhijeet is talking about.

The latter asks her if Soham did not want to be her mother. Abhijeet revealed that this was a gift he had given to Aswari. Aswari, on the other hand, said that she was ready to do anything for it.

Abhijeet then whispers his plans to Aswari and she immediately refuses. Abhijeet says that if she wants to be called a mother by Soham, then she should agree with Abhijeet.

Aswari reminds Soham that the blanket was made from her saree and she was fond of the latter. Soham reveals that Blanket is not his favorite blanket since he does not consider Aswari his mother. Soham reminds her that she is now married to Abhijeet. Then Soham tells Shubhra to make a doormat out of a blanket. Shubhra treated his mother Aswari with rude behavior. After a while, Aswari blanket packs in the box and says that she too needs to pack her mother in the love box. Shubhra says that relationships need to be maintained and that one cannot break so easily when one wishes. She told Aswari that it was her duty to condemn Sohm and convince her that only she could correct Soham’s behavior. She then asks Ashari Bash to Soham and teaches a lesson.

After a while Soham gets hurt while doing something and Aswari rushes to help him. She then carefully heals the wound. Soham tells her not to worry. On the other hand, Shubhra tells Aswari to condemn Soham and this happens with him to make sure that he is wrong. Shubhra told Aswari that the latter should at least kill Soham. After a while, Aswari calls Abhijeet, who is busy cooking in his hotel. Asari is unable to hold back tears but hangs the call. Abhijeet realizes that something is wrong with Aswari and meets her the next morning. Abhijeet tries to lighten the mood and asks Aswari whether he wants to go to the cinema or not. Later, Pragya arrives at Soham’s house and finds that Abhijeet is there. He then notified Soham that he should go out and ask for Aswari’s permission. Soham kills Aswari and says why Abhijeet’s wife would have trouble getting out. Soham goes out with Pragya when she is out of the house in a rage. Wathi asked if Abhijit Soham saw how to deal with her. Abhijeet tells her not to worry as she is there to take care of Aswari. By the end of the next day, Sohm promises Asari to be his mother. Aswari was relieved to hear this.

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