Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 3 March 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 3 March 2020, Abhijeet is chilling in the house and he wishes Asari a happy birthday. Aswari asks him if he has just woken up, which he refuses and he says he is ready and will leave the restaurant now. \

Aswari says that she is happy that he is taking care of the house in her absence, Abhijit quickly sends her a photo of the make-up room.

Aswari does wonders on Atari’s cleaning skills. The latter says that Aswari will be happy if he comes there and Aswari asks her to open the door! Abhijeet is irritable and thinks about what to do in the mess of the house.

Grandpa and Shubra prepare Asari’s bag and ask her to leave. He calls Abhijeet and tries to take his wife home. Shubhra also gives Asari some special food to take home, and she appreciates being treated so maturely. But Soham is not in the mood to let his mother go. He seems to be planning how to stay at the palace later. He also thinks about his plan to break the news of his unemployment.

When Abhijit is talking to Sohram about Shubhra and his job, Abhijit will come to his house. When they leave, Soham tries to get fit again and tells Aswari to stay back and stay connected to his grandfather’s illness. Grandpa rejects his view and says white is trustworthy. When Soham revealed that she thought she didn’t and so he quit his job. There is talk between Shubhra and Soham and they argue again. But now Aswari plans to stay behind for Soham’s sake, and Abhijeet agrees. watch here dailly episodes so stay tune here.

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