Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 4 March 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 4 March 2020, Soham’s payment is being declined from Aswari’s card and left him with a red face. He returned home in a state of anger. Aga Bai Sasubai

When Abhijit and Shubhra attend a room where he is stopped at the track, he is going to ask Aswari about her card.

Aswari is filled with tears and she asks Soham if she knows what has happened to her account. Shubhra tells Soham that someone has used Aswari’s card and withdraw large sums.

Aswari told Soham to take the job back, that he left. He was ready to do so and left, and greeted the stranger with all his heart. Later, Aswari tells Shubhra that she feels that Sohum has a lot of responsibilities. She argues that this may be the reason behind her strange behavior. But Shubhra does not seem to be concentrated. Later, she and Azob asked Aswari to go to Abhijeet’s house and spend time with him. Aga Bai Sasubai

Aswari arrives at her house and decides to surprise Abhijeet. She called him on his cell phone while standing at the door. He tells her he is ready to go to the restaurant. Then Aswari asks Abhijit to open the door as he stands there! Abhijeet is pleasantly surprised but at the same time worried about his room being confused. He tries to do it quickly. However, Aswari reprimanded him for his indecision and he lied to her because he lied to her and kept telling her that the house was clean. Meanwhile, Soham tells Pragya that he is working according to their plan and then lays her eggs. She suggests that he fooled Asari by saying that he would not get a job again because someone else occupied another position. Soham thanks her and asks her to buy it. Aga Bai Sasubai

Pragya took Soham to the gold shop and then coughed, reaching a fine of Rs. He buys her a pair of gold earrings for her. Then they go to lunch and when Soham tries to pay him, he realizes that his card has been blocked! Meanwhile, Abhijeet asked Aswari why she had recently spent such a large amount of shopping money and she rejected him. Aga Bai Sasubai

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