Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 5 March 2020

Aga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 5 March 2020, Police arrested Soham and took him to the police station. Police are going to arrest Abhijit while he is walking to the station and surprised Soham there.

He realized that Soham had stolen the Aswari card. He tries to prevent the police inspector from killing Soham.

Aswari suddenly met Abhijeet and called for a meal at Soham and Shubhra. She even went to Soham to ask for a job back.

She later asked Pragya to go out for shopping. He bought her a beautiful pair of earrings and bought them for about five hundred rupees. 70,000, using pretty Asbury cards. Abhijeet realized how much money was being deducted from Aswari’s account and asked her about it. The latter was shocked to find out.

Aswari is crying because she is unaware of how such a large amount was deducted from her account. She is scared of how she will pay the money back to Abhijeet. Shubra asks Aswari where she holds her card but does not remember the latter. Meanwhile, Soham walks in and witnesses the play. Aswari tells him that her card has been stolen. Little did she know that Soham was out with Pragya and she spent such a huge amount of money on shopping for him. But when the situation is noticed at home, she is scared and tries to deceive everyone by placing the blame on the distillery. Meanwhile, Abhijit tried to comfort Aswari who was worried about repayment. She offers to develop her jewelry but he says the jewelry looks good on her and should not be given away.

Soham was shocked to hear a siren from a police car outside the house. Shubhra asks him why he is scared but then he gets scared without saying anything. Meanwhile, Abhijit rushes to them and tells Shubhra that he has complained to the cyber cell.

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