Agga Bai Sasubai 2 November 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai 2 November 2020,Soham is evicted from his home. Asavari has broken her bond with her son. She is making sure that Soham understands the value of family and relationships in her life. Even Soham’s wife Shubhra supports this decision.

As previously mentioned, Sohm is finding it difficult to meet the ends. He has already been kicked out of his house. After disappearing from his home, Soham starts working as a janitor in his society.

Since Asavari is firm about her decision not to support Soham, all other members of the society also refuse to help her son.

On the first day of his work as a janitor, Soham forgets to turn on the water supply for the society. As a punishment, he ends up supplying water to the whole society with the help of buckets.

When he reaches Aswari’s house, he spills some water from the bucket on the floor. Soham’s mother finished her to clean the floor.

Since Soham used the money given by Patekar for his parcel, the society gathers to punish him.

Shubhra tells Asavari to save Soham, but she allows Patekar to punish Soham as he pleases. Soham expelled from society. Shubhra tries to get her to understand the situation but she refuses.

Shubhra is giving a presentation at her office. His presentation goes and his colleagues are also impressed. On the other hand, Soham publishes an advertisement in a newspaper stating that he has gone missing.

This news article reaches some colleagues in Shubhra’s office. He read it during his presentation. Once she is talking, they ask her about this news.

They also question her if her relationship with her husband rocks. This discussion embarrasses Shubhra and flares up in the office.

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