Agga Bai Sasubai 28 October 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai 28 October 2020, Soham goes to Abhi’s kitchen and tells Abhijeet to cut a ticket to London and leave his mother. Abhijeet refuses and says that he will never leave Asavari.

Abhijeet also says that he will not tolerate her behavior if it affects his relationship with Asavari. Abhijeet tells Soham to leave. Soham prepares to leave but returns, revealing his original plan.

Soham tells Abhijeet that if he does not leave Asavari and go abroad, he will divorce Shubhra. Abhijeet refuses to leave and shouts at Soham, saying that this time he will not fall prey to his dirty tactics and he is coming home to pick up Asavari.

Abhijeet reiterated that he is coming to take her home with him. Angered Soham leaves.

On the other hand, Asavari gets worried why Abhijeet is late. Soham comes and says that he met late because he met his friend on the way.

He brings a small gift to Shubhra and she gives it to him. Shubhra is hesitant at first but then accepts. Abhijeet comes home when Soham presents Shubhra as a gift.

Soham says that he is going to live happily now and everything will go very well, all he needs is his prayers. Shubhra and Soham touch Abhijeet’s feet and ask for blessings.

Shubhra then goes to make coffee and Asawari also remembers some work. Soham says that after having a word with Abhijeet he will go with Shubhra in some time.

Soham takes Abhijeet to a corner to talk about leaving his mother. Shubhra needs help from Soham and she looks for him.

She overhears Abhijeet and Soham’s conversation. Soham asks Abhijeet about leaving his mother and reminds her that he will divorce Shubhra if he refuses to do so.

Shubhra is shocked to hear this. Abhijeet agrees and says that he is going to London as per Soham’s wish but he still needs more time to convey this decision to Asavari.

Abhijeet then goes to Asavari and tells him that all he has to do is see her. Asavari is excited to go and live with Abhijeet.

Abhijeet sadly tells him that he has to go to London for a few days and they will not return home today. Asavari asks why it is so important that she suddenly has to leave.

Abhijeet says that work accelerated. This disappoints Asavari but she agrees and says that they will return after returning from London.

Abhijeet praises Asavari for his sensible behavior. Shubhra comes there and asks Abhijeet if he will not reveal the real reason for going from Asavari to London?

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