Agga Bai Sasubai 3 November 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai 3 November 2020. Soham gives an advertisement about himself in the newspaper, after which Shubhra’s associates bombard him with questions.

Later, Asavari is surprised at the past and tries to find out her mistake as a parent in Soham’s upbringing.

Abhijeet consoles an emotional Asavari as she blames herself for Soham’s mistakes. Shortly thereafter, a stranger brings Soham home after seeing an advertisement in the paper and asks for the reward.

However, Asavari refuses to accept Soham as his son and asks him to leave. An Soham then returns to Nikhil’s house where Nikhil asks him to do the housework.

The next day, Abhijeet tries to please a distressed Asavari, but to no avail, after which, Shubhra suggests him to take Aswari to Abhi’s kitchen to lighten the mood.

Meanwhile, Pragya sees Soham making tea at a tea shop and asks him to emotionally blackmail her. When Soham asks Pragya for financial help, she ignores him and walks away.

In Abhi’s kitchen, Asavari’s arrival pleases Maddy and Vishwas. Soon after, Vishwas receives a call and learns of his mother’s hospitalization.

A kind Asavari consoles her and asks her to go to her mother immediately. Sensing the plight of faith, Asavari worries about Soham’s well being.

At the tea stall, Soham sees Shubhra getting off an auto-rickshaw and comes up with a plan to emotionally blackmail her. Accordingly, he performs an act and pretends to be a street vendor in front of him.

However, Shubhra sees through his pretense and cleverly overturns his plan. Later, she takes Soham to the ‘pav bhaji’ stall and as they eat ‘pav bhaji’, Abhijeet and Asavari spot them on their way back home.

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