Agga Bai Sasubai 31 October 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai 31 October 2020, Everyone learns that Soham has killed the regular watchman and is now the new watchman of the society. People of the society get angry with them as soon as they forget to fill water.

Soham then agrees to fill water for everyone in an attempt to emotionally manipulate Asavari. Asavari does not respond and goes home.

Soham brings water to all in society through buckets. Abhijeet gets ready to leave for Abhi’s kitchen without taking a bath.

Soham knocks on the door and asks if they need water. Asavari gives the bucket to Soham. Soham fills and fills water in the bucket in the house.

A shocked Abhijeet and Shubhra see it all. Soham brings water, Asavari asks Soham to clean the water spilled on the floor.

After Soham leaves, Asavari tells Shubhra and Abhijeet that she had been telling Soham to start doing housework for a long time. Asavari is happy that Soham is doing all this work now.

As Soham goes to rest after finishing all the work, his friend comes there. He gets surprised and teases her about doing the janitor’s job.

Soham reveals that he has not eaten anything since the previous night and asks his friend to bring him something good to eat.

Soham’s friend tells him that he is broke. A society member, Patekar asks Soham if he will collect his cash on the delivery parcel. Soham agrees and takes 2000 2000 from Patekar to collect his parcel.

After a while, Sulabha Kaku comes to Asavari’s house and asks Asavari and everyone to come down otherwise the people of the society will defeat Soham. Everybody runs.

Patekar is questioning Soham about the money he gave to collect his parcel. It is revealed that Soham spent that money on eating with his friend.

His friend gets scared and runs away. Soham lies that he owed the delivery boy the money and he would not have given the parcel.

Everyone says that it is because of Asavari that they are letting them go. Asavari intervenes and gives Patekar a free hand and advises him to punish Soham as she wishes.

Asavari told that he had broken all ties with her and drove her out of the house. Which means that he is no longer a resident of the society.

The distillery escapes from there and the people of the society expel Soham from the premises. Shubhra asks Asavari to intervene but she refuses.

Shubhra goes downstairs and again asks Soham to change her for good. Soham says that he does not mind if he is thrown out but Asavari is regretting expelling him from the house.

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