Agga Bai Sasubai 4 November 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai 4 November 2020. Shubhra paid Soham’s arrears to the food vendors and told him to stop pretending to work.

He begs to talk to Asavari to let her come back home but she refuses to do so. Later, at Nikhil’s house, Soham is caught red handed stealing his watch.

Nikhil argues with her and traps her only to find more money that he stole. Soham then becomes furious and leaves his house.

Later, Soham returns to his area and sees construction workers there. He starts working as a laborer and tries to show Asavari how hard he is working.

He runs into Pragya who laughs at her, but he tells her that it is her all to enter Asavari’s good books.

The foreman saw Soham slapping him and asked him to do more work. Later, Soham pretends to be unconscious outside Asavari’s house.

Shubhra realizes her behavior and wakes her up. Abhijeet and Asavari go inside to fetch water and some juice for her but as Soham is about to enter the house, Asavari stops her and says that she can drink the juice outside.

Later, Abhijeet and Asavari see Soham receiving his daily wages and feel proud.

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