Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 1 February 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 1 February 2020, Soham gets angry at Aswari and asks her why she is hurrying on this tour. She then tells her to continue on her own if she wants to. Aswari tells him that she is happy to see her and Shubhra so they want to stay with them too. Soham demands to stay with her for the rest of the trip. Abhijeet then grabs his mother’s hand.

Abhijeet tells Aswari that when visiting a place, one should always try to know more about its cultural, geographical and historical significance. They say they should eat, breathe and taste local specialties. Abhijeet adds that he has arranged something special for Aswari. The duo is then presented with a traditional Rajasthani dance. They also join local dancers in their dance. Abhijit-Aswari is best seen dancing on traditional Rajasthani people. Then Abhijit pulled closer to Asari who was feeling cold. They both laugh at each other.

Meanwhile, Shubhra requested Soham to let her sleep so that she could get up early and go to Udaipur to investigate. Soham doesn’t let her sleep, and yells at her on the bed. Aswari, on the other hand, holds Abhijeet’s hand while sleeping. The latter cannot move and therefore sits near her bed. Then Abhijit-Aswari and Soham-Shubhra go for a walk around and visit the Museum of Vintage Cars.

Aswari loves one of the vintage cars and said she looks beautiful. She asked Abhijeet how the king and queen felt in the car. She asks the tour guide if the car is still operating. The tour guide tells her that cars are serviced from time to time and they still work today. Abhijeet then secretly decides to rent a car for Aswari.

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