Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 10 February 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 10 February 2020, We see that Grandpa was trying to find an autorickshaw to take him home. He can’t get it, even with a lot of effort. Finally, when an autorickshaw stops in front of him, he asks where you want to go. This makes it even more difficult for the stranger because he does not remember where his house is. The emphasis is on the fact that he does not remember his own name.

We noticed the avalanche coming from the building. This notice is about vacating the residential water tank in the building. She is shocked to receive this notice because she does not expect it at all. Another thing is that she has to go to an important meeting the next day. So, she decided to tell Soham the next day that all the buckets in the house were to be filled because they were about to leave early that morning.

Soham’s book is completely different the next day. He goes to the washroom, and Shubhar emptily empties the buckets of water he carries home. There was no water in the bathroom for the bath, and the grandfather lost his and started shouting to Soham. His grandson calls Aswari and lets her hear the whole ordeal. As expected, Aswari rushes to help Soham, throwing everything away.

As soon as Asavari rushes to the rescue of his beloved son, Soham appears in line to fill a bucket of water. She takes it to fill the bucket and take it upstairs. While she is in the process of doing this, other wives and pragyas have seen her take potshots about being extremely boring as a wife, so Abhijeet cannot wait to get rid of her. Abhijit himself reached the scene and again took buckets of water and impressed the women of the community.

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