Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 10 January 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 10 January,Abhijeet visits Kulkarni He also holds a box next to the medicine. When the stranger asked him the reason for his arrival, Abhijit tells him that when he last spoke to Aswari, she was very sick and sick. This made him very worried, which is why he is here. Only when he sees that Aswari is murmured and lying on the bed. Seeing this, he tries to enter the house, and the grandfather tells him to remember his own business.

We see Maddie, who’s happy about ‘pay day’. She arrives at the factory uncle’s desk and tells her that she’s completely broke and can’t wait for her salary to be deposited in her bank account. Then the Abhijit kings move with two pay checks. One for a uncle and another for Maddy. The famous chef has a tie for uncles as his ode to his love for quasery. Maddie was upset over this visit because she had not received anything yet. Abhijeet tells her that he has already baked tea cake for her and kept it in the fridge.

The factory owner is happy and proud to have his uncle receive his first pay check. He has an emotional moment and expresses gratitude to Abhijeet. The latter told him that he was worth every single rupee and asked how he would spend it. At this, the factory’s uncle tells him that he would like to gift something to a stranger, but unfortunately he cannot do it because both friends are no longer on speaking terms. Abhijeet understands that is the reason why two good friends will no longer talk to each other. He decides to bring them together and invites Shubhra to plan something together.

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