Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 11 February 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 11 February 2020, We see Shubhra getting nervous about the strange. She’s worried that Grandpa will lose. To this, Soham replies that the grandfather must be with his friends. Shubhra asks Soham to come with her to find a stranger. Shubhur sees that Soham is busy with his phone and he doesn’t care at all. Later, Hawary’s rickshaw stopped in front of Aswari.

We are telling grandfather Soham that there is a doctor’s appointment for that day and he asks where Shubhra is. Soham tells him that Shubhra hurried off because of an important presentation at work. Soham then tells him that he himself will take the stranger to the doctor. Shortly after Soham wakes up in a hurry to go somewhere, Grandpa reminds him that he had taken the latter to the doctor. Grandfather is sad that old age has to depend on someone.

Meanwhile, we see that Anjou tries to call Soham, who seems to be busy with the restaurant, with Prosnaya and her friends. Then Pragya convinced Soham to stay with them for a while. At Abhijit’s house, we ask Aswari Abhijit how she spends her time alone in the house. Abhijeet suggests her to go to the market and tells her that he leaves her on the way.

Later, Grandpa is struggling to remember why he left the house in the first place. The rickshaw drivers try to go to the pockets of the pigeon to find the ID. The stranger reacts to this and calls the rickshaw puller. When the grandmother screamed, a crowd gathered around them. Meanwhile, two young boys try to trick them by pretending to know strangers. Shortly thereafter, Abhijit came along with Aswari to buy vegetables. Later, we see Soham angry because the stranger goes out without being aware. Grandpa, on the other hand, is being seduced by two of his sons. Meanwhile, the anxious Shubra calls the doctor to check if the grandfather is in the hospital. She was shocked to hear that Grandpa missed her appointment because he was not there.

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