Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 12 February 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 12 February 2020, We see the white rage throwing the pillow at Soham. It is then that Abhijeet enters their room and sees them quarreling. He tries to lighten the situation. Shortly, he convinced Asari that the situation was under control as the pillows were running in Soham-Shubhra. He tells her that the fight is not serious and will make their relationship stronger and fun. Later, after a feud between Soham and Shubhra, he feared that no one would come to dinner with him. Abhijeet believes that he will refuse to come to the dining table.

We see that Azoba is deceived by two young children. They hurried to him. Meanwhile, Aswari arrives at Soham’s house and announces that she will make a special dish for both her and her grandfather. Soham ignores her all the same. She then asked him if Shubhra took Azoba to the doctor. Soham reveals that Ajam has lost his way. Hopeful is upset when he finds out about the stranger. Sohum tells her that Shubham is not worried about going in search of the latter. She asked him how he lost his grandfather. Soham lied, saying it was all a blunder’s fault. He reveals that when he returned home late from the office, his grandfather went to see the doctor himself.

Later, Abhijit found Azad and brought him back home. He was pleased to see Aswari. As she begins to cry, her husband comforts her. Then Shubhra gives lectures as she is busy with her work and does not keep an eye on her. She initially keeps the mother, but then she can’t take any more and sets fire to Soham. Without telling the truth to Aswari, she scolds her. Soham cannot find the words to defend himself. She tells everyone that Soham had promised to take Ajiba to the doctor. He plays safe and says it was an important meeting for me to attend and that’s why he couldn’t do it. He says that Grandpa was calling Soham to a meeting when the latter was busy. He reveals that the old man was upset and left him alone. As they both start arguing with each other, Shubhra-Soham’s brawl goes out of control. Abhijeet tries to intervene in their battle but Soham interrupts him. He says that the groom has started making bosses around the house after Aswari’s wedding. Meanwhile, Abhijeet promises Ajab that he will be bound to the family.

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