Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 13 February 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 13 February 2020, We see that Shubhra was asking Sohem to pay her some money, which she needed to buy groceries. Soham asks her if she is your cash. Shubhra answers that she has paid her share of the salary to the house. She then asks him about his contribution. Angry Soham asked her to take care of the house with her share of the money. In return, Shubhra asks him for a salary. Soham yells at her for hurting him. It is then that Abhijit enters the room as Soham asks Shubhra about their marriage.

We see Abhijeet making sweet treats for everyone. After that he gave some food to the pigeon. The latter is worried that no one will be able to eat food after a dispute between soda and shubra.

Abhijit says it only takes about 5 minutes for everyone to come to the dining table. As he looks for a charger in the presence of Shubham, he is restless in Sohm’s bedroom. He then declares that his life has been in turmoil since his mother Aswari remarried. Shubhra tells him that this is all due to their own irresponsible behavior and that he is sorry for her for the same thing. She does not feel sorry that Sohum could not perform a task entrusted to him by a doctor. Sohum reprimands her for blaming him. He then says that he is sorry for marrying Shubhra. The latter reacts by throwing a pillow at Soham. It is then that Abhijeet enters their room and sees them quarreling. He tries to lighten the situation and then urges them to come out for dinner.

Shortly afterwards, he convinced Aswari that the situation was under control as the pillow fight continued in Soham-Shubhra. He encourages her by saying that Aswari is fortunate to have a husband like her. Later, Shubhra and Aswari try to clear their misunderstanding. To lighten the mood, Shubhra tells Ajboo who makes good food between Abhijeet and Aswari. Grandpa is unable to make a decision between the two and asks everyone to sit down to eat.

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