Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 14 January 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 14 January 2020,Aswari helps Abhijeet by holding the kite’s back and Sohum goes in as he does not like the public display of his love. The grandfather arrives and starts the match against Abhijeet. Ashwari looks at Abhijeet and pleads with him to defeat Ajoka. The latter voluntarily loses and this makes the job happy. He hands over the lost kite to Maddy.

Abhijeet then tries to convey his feelings about Aswari by saying a few lines in reference to a torn kite. The next episode of Makar Sankranti’s special is called Til Gul. Abhijeet wishes everyone the best but Ajja reacts angrily and asks him to leave. Shubhra mediated and asked Abhijit to speak as he was calm in all these ways. Then Abhijeet again declared his love for Aswari.

The celebration of the festival begins with a festive vibe as Maddie tries to show off her skills by personalizing the color and shape of her kite to celebrate the transition. Shubhra called Abhijeet and asked how he planned to celebrate. She also told him that her grandmother was very excited about the rite of passage on their terraces. Shubhra invites Abhijit to a kite-flying match and he is ready to come. Abhijeet’s presence angered Ajay and refused to come for the kite flying game. Everyone else gathered on the terrace.

While appearing in Sokham, the factory seems to show his uncle’s kite flying skills. Abhijeet and Maddie reached the shubhra, and they started to install reels and kites. Sohm was also irritated to see Abhijeet, but kept quiet. Aswari arrived refreshingly and grabbed the kite’s belt and waited for Abhijeet to come back. Soham interrupts and tries to bridge the gap between Aswari and Abhijeet.

Abhijeet twice managed to fight a kite against a factory uncle and Shubhra went home to fetch his grandfather. In a kite-flying match, she raised him against Abhijeet. While Abhijit was on his way to victory, Aswari looked at him and pleaded that he be defeated against Ajaba. Her expression dissipated Abhijeet, who voluntarily lost the fight. When Soham brings a fallen kite, Abhijeet reads a dialogue that deals with the current state of life between him and Asavari.

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