Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 17 February 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 17 February 2020, We ask Aswari Abhijit whether he married her and made a mistake. The latter yells and says he was happy before the wedding. He then tells her that he wants to wake up at his own pleasure, make tea for himself, go to work and return home without worry. He reveals that he was alone and there was no one to take him along. He then asks Aswari if she thinks he is really happy before the wedding.

We ask Soham Pragya how he can get his mother back to Aswari. Pragya tells him that he should use the parsimonious pose to do so. She says that Aswari will hold back all her work, pick up her bag and run to them if she finds her grandfather in trouble. Meanwhile, Aswari asks Abhijeet if she can exchange her old clothes to buy utensils. Abhijeet tells her to do it. She then takes a pile of clothes and buys two embroideries, one for her and one for a white one. Abhijeet, on the other hand, can’t find his new jeans. He then takes two new pots in his hand and calls the Aswari who has come to him. She understood that she had exchanged her new jeans for Abhijeet to buy. Abhijeet laughs about her mistake.

Later, Shubhra received a video call from Aswari. The latter tells her that in exchange for Abhijeet’s old clothes, she bought a kadhi for her. After a while, Abhijeet tries to hide Asari by hiding her saree. She then gave it to Aswari because she was worried about not finding the sari. He asks her to take a sari for her dinner plan. Later, Aswari calls Azoba to ask him what he is doing. She then told Ajwa by phone that she had been invited by Abhijeet’s friends for a meal. Hearing this, Soham tries to make Cody cough by dusting a book near his mouth. Asari was worried and ran to help Ajaba. After a while, Asori, who is now reaching out to help grandmother at Houj’s home in Soham, reminds her of her dinner plans later. Aswari tells Aisha that she will not worry so much as she has written a letter.

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