Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 18 February 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 18 February 2020, The grandfather is investigating at the old home. The old man asks him whom he is interrogating. Grandpa answers that he is doing it for himself.

Meanwhile, Aswari, worried, calls Azoba and asks where he is. Grandpa lies to her and says he came to the bank to withdraw some money. Sohum later attacked Azoba demanding money from Asari. He then tells the stranger to stop doing so, because Aswari is no longer their daughter-in-law.

Aswari tells Abhijeet that they should bring Azoba to their house to take care of them. Abhijeet likes this idea and says he should do it right away. Aswari tells him that she’ll have to ask grandma first. Abhijeet agrees and goes away to make coffee. After a while, he brings Aswari a cup of his own, only to find him sleeping on the couch.

Meanwhile, Shubhra tells Ajab that they are going to spend some quality time together. She asks to be prepared later so that she can finish breakfast first. Grandfather, on the other hand, wonders whether old age has become a burden to his family. Later, Pragya convinces Soham over the phone to go shopping with her. It was then that Shubra entered and told her that she would not go to the office for a few days, taking time for strangers. She then asked Soham to send a pen drive containing important data to her office. After a while, suppliers get involved in the purchase of clothing.

Soham tells her that it would be like going to Shubham’s office for a pen drive. Pragya tells Soham to stop for a while and also to get new clothes for himself. Later, Ajwari appreciates the auspiciousness of the good news and the careful care of the whole house. She then indicated that she was going to put the grandmother in her place to reduce the burden of auspiciousness. Subra then gets a call from someone in her office who tells her that they have not received a pen drive yet.

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