Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 2 January, Let us know about Shubhra’s plan to marry each other in the office of Registrar of Ashwari and Abhijeet! She informs them by phone call. When Abhijit reached the scene, Shubhra informed them of her plan. Abhijeet also got scared while trying to argue with Shubhra. However, she tries to tell them that there is no harm in getting married, because it is a question of their happiness. She says that this way, the grandparents will have to accept their love and relationships.

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 2 January, we see a tired Soham and ajoba, who are deciding on the number of people, should be invited to invest in Aswari. While all this is happening, the latter seems to be losing hope. At that moment, she got a call from Katkar, who did not receive the time she was called. He then yells at her and then cuts the call. After a while, he calls her again, only to check if Asari receives a timely call. When she does so, Katie is happy.

Later, after a few more calls from Katekar, Aswari became terrified and ran into the kitchen. She stood there crying, Shubhra went in and got a call from Katakara. She was furious to hear the way he spoke to her, and asked Aswari to speak to her grandmother and end the madness. Asavari says it’s too late to react now.

Later, Shubhra begged Asari and Katekar to buy sarees and invest in them. They walk into the shop and then start another series between Shubhra and Katekar. When he finally got upset with the two wives, he got down from the storm and sat in the car. At that second moment, Shubhra thinks of getting rid of him once and forever. She calls Abhijeet and tells Maddie to put Adwari in the shop. As stated, Shubhra takes Aswari somewhere and asks Abhijit to meet her there.

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