Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 20 February 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 20 February 2020, Azoba thanks for coming into the life of Shubhra and Abhijeet. He regrets that he had previously opposed his organization. He tells them that without these two, he would have been incomplete. He feels that his presence makes his life easier and stress free. Later, Pragya’s father scolds Ajib for not letting him know about his plan.

Grandpa says their friendship is over and he wants to make new friends within a month. After that the two laugh and hug each other.

Shubhur finds out from her office that she is screaming at Soham for having misplaced a pen drive containing all important documents. Soham tells her not to take a scene out of it and tells her to back up her computer. Shubhra says she was told not to back up the data by her office. This forces Shubra to save everything in pen drive. She then reprimanded Soham for acting irresponsibly. Meanwhile, the grandfather is asked to arrange for the money, which he will have to pay in the old house. Then he gets a call from an anxious Asri who asks where we are.

Grandpa lied to her, saying that he came to the bank to withdraw some money. After a while, someone in the old age house asked if you were going to leave his house. Grandpa tells him that if he tells the truth, he’ll have to stay there forever.

Sohum later attacked Azoba demanding money from Asari. Shubhra tried to interfere with their conversation and asked Soham to speak softly to him. The latter tells Mhatar to ask Aswari for money, as she is no longer your daughter-in-law. Shortly after, Shubhra tells Ajawa that she will withdraw money from the ATM. She then goes off to fetch the money. Abhijeet, on the other hand, gives Aswari the necessary money. He then told the latter to stop, so that they could leave together.

The two then enter Soham’s house. Aswari then asks why he went to the bank alone. Instead, Soham politely tells Ajawa to ask him for money instead. Shubhra unzips her bag and pays her pardon. She says it is her responsibility to take care of her as a daughter-in-law.

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