Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 20 January 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 20 January 2020, After sticking thick and thin, Aswari and Abhijit are finally married and have started a new journey in Agbai Sasubai. Everyone congratulates the newlyweds and is excited. Pragya, however, kills the couple, but Shubra puts her in her place and calms her down. Aswari finds new excuses to go home and serve her family, but Shubhra insists that she manage everything in Aswari’s absence. Like Puja and Mandav Pitithini, the wedding should be done by Abhijit’s father. When he was asked if he was involved, he was happy. Abhijeet, however, consents to Aswati, on which the father jokes that he will be an ideal husband.

Soham is still not happy about his mother’s wedding and is exhausted despite constant effort, to ruin the couple’s special day. Whenever they entered the room to help her carry a bag, Azhab grabbed Soham, to get money for trying to spoil Aswari and Abhijeet’s marriage. Ajoka slams Sohm and the two get into a fight. Aswari enters the room at that moment, and Soham and Grandpa pretend everything is okay. They said goodbye to the newlyweds. Ashawari and other members of her family become very emotional and Abhijeet lightens the mood of everyone and prepares to go to Aswari before the situation gets under control and lives as a ‘house jamai’.

As the guests were about to leave, Abhijeet surprised everyone by displaying his beautifully decorated Royal Enfield, known as Aswari’s ‘Gateway’. Abhijeet says that this is his ride home. During the trip, Aswari tells Abhijeet to stop, as she wants to buy some vegetables. Upon entering the house, a white newlywed couple demands ‘Ukhana’, which is completed by both the bride and the groom. Eventually, the couple enter the house and everyone is delighted.

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