Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 22 February 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 22 February 2020, We saw Soham ask Asari if he was reluctant to move out of the house while his grandfather was with Azoba. Soham revealed that there was no one to take care of Ajwari after the wedding of Aswari, and only later that month, Shubhra got bored. Soham then asks Asari, if the grandfather had treated her the same way, would she have liked it? He says people now have to answer for sending him to the Azoba old house.

You can see Ajiko caught in Abhijit and Hope’s hands. Aswari was shocked to see Ajaba at the old age. Other inmates at the old house insulted Azovi in ​​front of Aswari. The latter asks Azoba what he is doing in old age.

Everyone else wonders if the grandfather is actually Abhijeet’s father-in-law. After a while, Abhijit and Aswari take Azoba aside and ask him to tell the truth. Later, the stranger is asked to accompany them to their home. Grandpa tells them that he wants to stay in the old home for a month because he wants to enjoy the hostel life. Ajab strongly urges Abhijit-Aswari to leave. After a while, Abhijeet weeps as Aswari looks at them. The latter are unable to hold back the tears.

Later, the grandfather yells at the caretaker of the old house to make a scene out of it. He then asks Abhijeet to bring his bag and announces that he is coming home. The latter was pleased to hear that. After a while, the grandmother tells the caregiver to use the money as a disaster charge. Then Abhijit comes out with Ajaba. Meanwhile, Asari is seen praying to God. After that, Abhijeet and Azoba are approaching her. Grandpa asks her to smile when she comes home. At the Abhijit’s home, Soham apologized on behalf of his wife. He tells Azubar to forgive Shubhor.

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