Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 22 January 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 22 January 2020, We will see their couple spending time in their beautifully decorated room. Abhijit tells Aswari that Aswari’s existence has finally transformed his house into a house. The two share a smiling smile and look deep into each other’s eyes. Abhijeet unknowingly lays his hand on Aswari’s shoulder, only to later repent.

We will see the beginning of a new chapter for newlyweds, Aswari and Abhijeet. When the grandfather and Soham arrive at the house, the former summoned Asari – because of his habit – for a glass of water. When he realizes that she is no longer living with them, he feels sorry. Soham is still not happy with the marriage of Aswari-Abhijeet and blames Ajay for it. The newlyweds, on the other hand, are about to embark on their new journey, receiving blessings from Aswari’s uncle and aunt. Aswari is still very worried about Ajay and Abhijit’s cell phone asks him to call her.

Abhijeet had already bought some wonderful gifts for Aswari, and she was surprised to hear that they had ATM cards, property papers, passbooks and mainly mobile phones. Aswari was passionate and says she didn’t need all of this. Abhijeet urges her to accept the gift and assures her that half of the restaurant’s profits will be credited to her account. Aswari still disagrees and after seeing her behavior, Abhijeet explains that he prefers ‘happy sensors’ rather than ‘suddie sensors’ and that she should accept gifts for that to happen. On hearing this, Shubhra feels really that Aswari is the luckiest woman to have gotten a job as a partner and signed her property papers. After that Aswari manages to call a stranger from her own phone and shows concern for her health. Tells you to use hot water to warm your throat and pelvis. Grandpa begins to groan as he misses his baby daughter-in-law.

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