Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 23 January 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 23 January 2020, Aswari begins to cry at midnight. Abhijeet gets up to hear her say and asks her what’s wrong. Aswari is talking about how everything has changed so fast, and she misses her family a lot. She tells Abhijit to take them home to meet him, so he shakes.

To all those who are in love or ready for it, Agagbai Sasubai is giving two serious goals. In this episode of Agbai’s mother-in-law, Abhitha Shubhra and Maddie are surprised to find their room decorated with balloons. He fears how Aswari will react and doesn’t allow her to look at the room. However, Aswari is very vocal and manages to finally see the room decorated like a honeymoon suit. At first, they would look at each other briefly and then they would laugh. Aswari appreciates his clean and tidy room. He thanks Abhijeet Aswari for answering him and says that his house has finally become a home for her. He mistakenly lays his hand on Asgari’s shoulder, but later to repent, because the latter is extremely conscious.

The newlywed couple finally settle into their room. They are uncomfortable sharing the room, as they have spent significant years of their lives alone. Slowly, the two decide to understand each other. Asari makes a bed, Aswari decides to sleep on the floor. Eventually, the two fell asleep on the floor. Meanwhile, Shubhra reaches home and tells Ajiba and Soham everything that happened at Abhijeet’s place. From appreciating home admission to talking about how beautiful a home entrance is, White doesn’t miss a single detail. Grandpa listens to her, but Soham is not happy about the new chapter in Abhijeet and Aswari’s life. He really misses his mother and shares this with Shubhra. She comforts now, saying that his mother is now the happiest woman he will ever see.

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