Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 24 January 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 24 January 2020, We were ready to meet Aswari and Abhijeet Sohm. Shortly afterwards, uncle, aunt, and Pragya visit the couple and tell the couple to perform some of the rituals that follow. Pradya congratulated the couple on the satire and a scuffle appeared on Abhijeet’s cheek and found another reason to beat the two. Hopeful soon gets involved in rituals, which delays her meeting with Soham.

They arrive at Aswari’s home, and her happiness has no limits. She told Abhijit to sit till all the chores in the house were completed. Abhijeet does not know how to speak since 3 am. He simply fixes everything according to Aswari. She started making a cheese burger for Soham. Meanwhile, Abhijeet takes a nap in the chair. At that time the door bell rang and Abhijit got up to open the door. He finds the man in the milk looking at him with suspicion. Aswari takes milk and takes another nap on the sofa to make Abhijit’s coffee. So far, the grandfather has also woken up. When he brings tea to Aswari, he is surprised and delighted. Then Aswari goes to Abhijit, to give him coffee and finds him sleeping on the couch. She slowly put a blanket on him and when she is about to leave, Abhijeet grabs her wrist and they are watching each other fondly.

They return home soon. Aswari falls asleep and Abhijeet prepares her breakfast. He tries to wake her up but scares her. In the meantime, Abhijeet gets a scratch on his cheek as Aswari accidentally kills him. Asari drinks her tea while Asari doesn’t miss a chance to flirt with her.

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