Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 25 January 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 25 January 2020, We see Abhijeet and Aswari presenting confusion over the newlywed couple. Others, including newlyweds and Aswari relatives, are delighted to see the ceremony. Pragya tells Soham that Aswari does not want to approach her, as she is now enjoying a grand life with Abhijit. She also tells that Aswari is going to forget everyone with Soham soon.

We see that Aswari wants to visit Soham, as she thinks he might be missing her. Abhijeet agrees but says she should carry her purse, handkerchief and her new phone. As she was in a hurry, Aswari forgot to do so. She walked out but was surprised to find relatives at the door. Once all the wedding rituals are completed, they ask her to leave the house. Knowing that Asari is living a life like a queen, the wisdom present there is jealous.

Meanwhile, at Soham’s house, his friend convinces you to buy him a new, expensive phone. Soham asks him to put a diamond necklace on the phone for Shubham’s birthday. He then calls Aswari to approach her. Instead Pradya picks up the call and tells him that her mother is having a great time at his new home. Soham was furious to hear this.

On the other hand, Grandfather realized that Sohram had pocketed the proceeds of his wedding gift. The latter says that he should pay only for what he spends on the wedding. In the meantime, Azor’s call to Aswari came. She tells him that he could not reach her house because of the rituals that followed the marriage. Soham plans to tell the newlyweds that the marriage is not acceptable. Shortly after, Shubhra, who was in her bedroom, could not find her necklace. She asks Soham if he has taken it. He tells her not to blame him for her wrong and be careful. They both go home to confuse Abhijeet and Aswari. Aswari is excited to see them both.

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