Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 27 January 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 27 January 2020, We see Abhijeet and Aswari on their honeymoon. Once they arrive at the destination, Aswari asks Abhijeet where they will stay. The tour guide points to the palace in the middle of a lake and tells them that they will stop there. Then Abhijit and Aswari enjoy their boat trip to the palace. All the staff gathered at the Palace to gather for their selfie. Abhijit pulled Aswari around and introduced his wife to Aswari.

We see Abhijeet and Ashawari in a confusion for the newlyweds. Everyone including Soham, Shubhra and Aswari’s relatives are present to bless the couple. In the midst of the confusion, Pragya whispers to Soham that his mother, Aswari, is really lucky to be married to Abhijit. She also says that Aswari may have forgotten Soham by now. Sodham began to suppress his anger, while Pragya laughed at the devil. Soham suddenly had a cough, and Aswari took him inside to give him water. Aswari told her that she has now acquired a new smartphone and ATM card. Soham tells her that she should change the PIN immediately and he will change it himself. Soham holds the ATM card. After a while they both went out to enjoy the mess.

Then White is in a tour company to book a newly married Abhijeet and a customized tour package for hopefully. She then booked a Rajasthan tour for them. Meanwhile, Aswari and Abhijeet are having breakfast at Abhijeet’s house. Abhijeet appreciates Asari’s cooking. At that moment the bell rang and we saw the nearest door. Abhit is astonished to see Shubhra and calls her for breakfast. Shubhra also appreciates Asari’s cooking. Again the door bell rang and you saw Soham going in. Soham and Shubhra start hinting and pointing at each other. Asked about this, Shubhra reveals this gift. Soham and Shubhra present their wedding present to Aswari and Abhijeet. Shubhra tells them that she has booked a tour for the couple. Subham is angry about booking a tour on the auspicious day.

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