Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 28 January 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 28 January 2020, we are looking at packing bags for the Aswari Rajasthan tour. Aswari has kept all the essentials in the bag, but the airline is concerned. Abhijeet tells her that she does not have to worry when he is present. Aswari says Abhijeet has agreed to fly on a plane. Then Aswari says that he should visit Azoba and Soham before going on their tour. At that point the doorbell rings and Shubhra and Soham enter.

Abhijit and Aswari are welcomed at the airport by their guide. Aswari then says that she is feeling very cold, and Abhijit asks her to shawl. Meanwhile, at Soham’s house, Soham is telling a stranger that he misses his mother. Shortly after, Shubhra tells Soham that she wants to spend time with him and plan on going out. In the meantime, Ashawari and Abhijeet reach the place where they live. Then Abhijit asks Aswari whether she can swim. To this, Asari answers that she cannot. Abhijeet then revealed that he would board a boat to go to the palace in the middle of a lake. He is then welcomed by the hotel staff, who ask for a selfie by Abhijit. Abhijeet happily does duty and then he is identified as Aswari’s wife. They are then informed by their tour guide that their room is ready and their bags will reach them.

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